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SOLD - WRX MOMO Steering wheel w/ Airbag

I got this wheel for my Forester because I missed the one I had on my RS. Went to put it on the other night (after doing the Lexol thing on it) and come to find out the harness is not the same :mad:

I'd like to get 210 USD for it including shipping anywhere in the continental US.

e-mail me direct if interested. Here is the install it looks exactly like the wheel in my install and is in very good shape.

install page:


That's when I just took it out of the box yesterday, I've cleaned it up with a Lexol leather cleaner and cond. If you want to see if this will work with your harness. Just pop the airbag out (look at the install link) and double check if you have this type of pigtail harness plug (yellow with green tab) if not, it's a different and most likely newer setup.

You may need to swap over your CC stalk is all. It's a simple swap to do.

Peaty [email protected]
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