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WTB: 07+ Outback or 08+ Forester

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WTB: 09+ Forester

My wife's 1998 Forester (radio flyer/little red wagon) has recently died, either a burnt or bent valve is likely.

It's not worth the money to fix it for another year or two of expected use.

So now we are looking for an 09-10 Forester 5spd.

She prefers Red and would consider an XT.

maximum spending is about $12,000 (on 09-10 models with financing.)

Obviously lower miles/newer years preferred.

We live in Western Massachusetts, and are willing to travel within a few hours to look at cars.
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Found a 2009 Forester 2.5x :2:premium:2: 5mt in steel silver metallic for the right price.

bought it last Saturday and picked it up last Thursday (the 24th)

the wife has named it Gandalf the Grey.......

Thanks to everyone who PM'd me options.
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