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WTB: Forester 5 spoke 16x6.5 steel wheels

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I'm looking for a full set of four (or five) of the 5-spoke 16x6.5 5x100 Forester steel wheels or the 16x6.5 (or maybe they are 16x7) 5x100 flat, solid spoke alloy wheels from a 2000'ish Forester. Some surface rust would be ok but no deep rust, bends, cracks or severe pitting. I'll be mounting them on my '05 Outback for offroad use.

The shipping from anywhere in the U.S. is just going to be a ginormous amount so if they are available for pick up in Colorado that would be nice.

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Thanks for looking sirtef9. I'm actually looking for the solid spoke design and not the split spoke type but my OP didn't clarify that. I just edited it to reflect that. I like that solid 5-spoke look a lot and it would be very similar to the 17's I have on it now.
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