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Picked up an '02 Outback for the wife this past week and noticed some parts need replaced. I'm sure these are on other model years as well. It's a 2.5L Auto with maroon exterior and tan interior. The parts I need are as follows:

Cigarette lighter blank/plug
Center console cubby w/ door (sits below the radio)
Tan clip for bulb access flap on the hatch panel (slides up and down to un/lock to flap)
Hose from PCV valve to intake manifold (about 8" w/ a 90° bend)
Air chamber mount (rubber mount with metal studs on both ends)
Screw-in tow hook (can't seem to locate one with the spare tire)

Also, the dash is dark brown on top (where the air bag is) with a tan lower (where the glove box is). The tan material above the glovebox is cracked. Is this a separate piece or will I need to find an upholster to repair this?

I can pay via PayPal or check and would be willing to pay for shipping. Please let me know if you can help so I can please the wife. Thanks.
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