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WUDUP! from Canada

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Hey everybody! I was brought to this site through searching for coilover options for my 96 Legacy Outback. I picked it up sometime in November for $300 off some kid that smoked it off a curb trying to do donuts (the joys of having parents that give you their old cars). Started up great and idled for having only 330 000 km on the clock lol but wouldn't move. I'm sure he blew the tranny and bent the crap out of the rear control and trailing arms.... so much so he jammed the rear diff so it wouldn't turn. Since then it has been stripped down to just the shell and the collecting of parts begins for the rebuild of Dragon. Gone with the stock engine and AWD and replaced with a healthy turbo charged Nissan SR20 with all 340ish hp going to the back... Oh ya!
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Ya I checked them out. All they deal with is Tien. Don't get me wrong they make great stuff and I know you get what you pay for but I'm building a drift car so I am wanting something I'm not gunna cry over if I rip em out from being a little to overzealous.
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