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Yessss: woohoo got vin and status today !

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So having ordered a twilight blue 2.5i Limited, base model, with a few options back on 11 August I thought it would be too early to call SOA as I had emailed them last week and was just told to expect delivery mid to late September.

I called this morning, and 1st good thing was I was on hold less than 2 minutes. The agent was pleasant and stated will call your dealer and get back to you shortly.

Less than 10 minutes later he called to say expected delivery to Texas dealer is 10 Sept and there was a VIN assigned.

Less than 5 minutes after that I had email from the dealer with the VIN, estimated date of 10 september, status that it had been shipped rail...and a location of 200020---wherever that is.

But excited now---ought to be here in plenty of time for my biking vacation to Arkansas !! :):29:
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Hey...congrats on the new OB...even though you don't actually have it. But the anticipation of getting it is half the fun of the early ownership...:D
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