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2021 Outback Onyx XT
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Greetings all.

New to the site & feels like new to Subaru. Wifey had a Legacy back in the early 90's & we really liked that car. Not sure I recall how we got away from the brand, but we did.

Fast fwd to present day & we just traded a Jeep Rubicon in on an '18 Outback 2.5i Limited. I know the 3.6 has more power, but coming from 14mpg in the Jeep to 30+ made the 2.5 quite attractive. Not to mention that I'm used to driving a pig (Jeep) already - only the Jeep didn't handle or ride well either.

I sure am dig'n the comfortable ride of the Outback! So far, this feels like a pretty sweet & capable ride.

Now - on to "making it mine".

Good day!
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