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Yokohama Geolander A/T-S

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Is anyone running the 225/60/17 Yokohama Geolander A/T-S on their 2010 Outback? If so, how are they?


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I'm running this tire, and size, on my 07 Outback. I know it's not the new model like yours, but I can honestly say it's an excellent tire for year-round use in Idaho. Had them on since November 2009 and they have done rather well for the past, albeit mild, winter. Already done a few trail excursions in central and southwest Idaho, gripped rather well. And on the highway? Quieter than the original Bridgestones, and much quieter than any AT tire I've ever heard.
I'll be considering those for my 98 TL, I've been happy with Yokohama tires thus far.
You should read all the threads regarding experiences with the tire. Basically, they are not rough riding or noisy...this is after a year and 14,000 miles on the tires. Great in all conditions, well suited to the Outback.
I've posted my experiences in other threads relating to these tires.

I've had them on for a year now.

How are they in/on
Offroad driving?? - Excellent, we use trails all over ID and MT and they grip rather well...hard to get the rear end out (which you can do).

highway driving? - Good, no wandering at 70-80mph range or excessive whine.

rain? - Excellent, plenty of channels for rain to escape.

Snow? - Excellent until temps below 0. Handle 10 inches of unplowed snow and (then) slush very well. Keep traction when stopping quickly too. You can get the rear end out a little, if you try/want but the front never loses grip. I don't have VDC or TC, just a LSD (50/50 split).

city Driving? - Excellent, plenty of grip and handle pot holes rather well.

hows they highway noise? - seem rather quiet, unlike all-terrains on an SUV.

loss in MPG in H/W driving? - not noticeable to me, however I didn't buy my OB brand new either. I average 22 mpg in winter (AC is always on) and 23 mpg in spring-fall with 75/25 mpg city/highway driving and about 28 mpg on highways at 75-80mph (limit is 75mph).

In all, they're a perfect tire for the OB if you want it to be a safe, reliable, and fun wagon for everyday use and recreational use.
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