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Yokohama Geolander A/T-S

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Is anyone running the 225/60/17 Yokohama Geolander A/T-S on their 2010 Outback? If so, how are they?


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4ALAB said:

Can someone tell me why Subaru puts street tires on a vehicle that is promoted as off road oriented anyway?

A couple of things spring to mind:

I don't think the marketing department, the engineering group, and materials purchasing are on the same page. Low profile tires say "street performance" rather than "off road" we really want to go crashing through the wilderness on 60 series tires and alloy rims? Rubbish roof rack says "designed by too-clever focus group" rather than "useful for outdoorsy types." Low towing capacity says "family sedan" or "legal department won this battle" rather than "utility vehicle." "Little tiny fog lights that don't do anything" says that the styling people won out over engineering. The adverts still are aimed towards rugged outdoorsies but the product seems aimed at the luxury wagon crowd.

Speaking of Subaru OEM tires, my wife's WRX came with the cheapest Bridgestone tires in existence. OK, it's a budget sports car, but with terrible tires owners couldn't get close to the car's potential. My favorite Tire Rack review said "why did Subaru do this to me, oh why why why?? (sob)" A set of Pirelli P Zero Nero's completely transformed the vehicle.
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Re: So what IS a great tire for the OB?

sck said:
This may need its own thread, but so much about tires is about compromises. Traction up - treadwear down. Handling good - temp bad. Everything good - prices way up. what would be a good all around all weather tire for mostly pavement with occasional gravel, dirt road (actual off road highly unlikely)?

Bonus points for a selection that still allows one to continue to make payments on a $30K car.

I'll bet a cup of coffee folks will be all over the map on this.

how about the stock tire? It's not bad for an all round tire. Yes, there's always better or more focused tires out there, but the stock is an OK tire.
Re: Re: Re: So what IS a great tire for the OB?

'05 Outback2.5i said:

Really? Cause if that's true, its a novel new step for Subaru :p

just browsing at TireRack, the Pirelli P4 looks like a good tire and the price is very reasonable.
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