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Yokohama geolander a/ts

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Anyone have any reviews of these on their outback, I have an '11 outback and thinking about putting these on my car
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I have them on my '08 and love 'em. Highly recommended.
For "three season" tires where you venture off-pavement a lot, they are wonderful. The stout construction is very resistant to cuts compared to touring tires, and that gives great peace of mind when you are miles from any assistance. But if you do drive in these situations you should have a matching fifth tire and wheel for a spare, just to be safe.

If you need good grip in winter, look elsewhere, or buy a dedicated set of winter tires and wheels. For an occasional trip over a snowy pass they would be acceptable if you drive with care...

Use Google to search this forum, it usually gives you more hits:

John Davies
Spokane WA USA
I had them on my lifted 2009 Forester and I was REALLY-happy with them, they are going onto my 2012 Outback with a 1 3/8" lift-kit very soon.

I have them on the Sequoia - really not that impressed not finding them to be any better than other tires I've run. They also seem to be very loud and not wearing all that well. When we replace them I'll probably put the stock OEM Michelins back on it or maybe BFG light duty tires. Not the full on 4x4 TK0's which I really like but they ride a bit stiff and are over kill for what we use the Sequoia for.
I have them on my '10. They have 31k miles on them with plenty of meat left on them. I live in an area with a lot of pebbles/rocks and they are a lot better than the stock tire when it comes to abuse. I used to get flats all the time with the stock tires. So far only one flat and it was a nail I hit in town.

With that said they are getting noisier as they wear. We get light snow/ice in the winter and so far no problem.

When these come due, I will either replace with the same or look at the Michelin Defender series.
I had them on Foresters. They were so-so. Side walls are not very strong (not sure, how many "plies" they had on sides but I kept puncturing sides). Normal tire shop would not fix it but mama-papa tires shops just plugged those holes the old fashion way! I like to live dangerously!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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