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Yokohama Geolander AT/S 225/65R17 on 2013 Outback

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When I bought my 2012 Outback 2.5i Premium I immediately swapped the stock tires for Yokohama Geolander AT/S in the stock 225/60R17 size. When I picked up my 2013 I was planning on getting the same Yokohama Geolanders again. Apparently the 225/60R17 is on international back order until next year! Discount Tire couldn't find them anywhere, so I called Yokohama direct and they said 42 week backorder.

My local Discount Tire had a set of 225/65R17 in stock, so I went for it. They fit fine, but they rubbed in one spot on the front Splash Guards. I removed them and trimmed a bit, and now no rubbing. I took it offroad and articulated all corners, and the front at full wheel lock, and no rubbing. Three guys at the tire shop sat in the cargo area with no rub in the rear.

Just drove 60mi at 65-75mph and averaged 29.5mi/gal. Everything looks good for now, I'll post an update after I get a few more miles on them.

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The Sequoia I bought back in May has Geolanders on it so far not all that impressed with them very noisy and don't seem to wear all that great. Please report back after you get some miles on it let us know how the tires are doing.

Replacing mine end of this month 40,000 miles on the stock junk conti's which are bald as Mr clean at this point. Pretty much set on BFG Touring rubber which another family member put on his Matrix that has 230,000 miles on it lots of tires to compare he is pretty sure they are the best tires he's put on it. I lost count of how many different brands he's had on that car ha ha.
Just replaced the set the PO put on the Sequoia I bought over a year ago. Two leaky tires after my last road trip with a short dirt road side trip. They were also having some vibration issues. Discount Tires did the job went with BFG Rugged Terrain's man if BFG made these in a size for the Subaru hands down the way to go. LOL

The Geo's turned out to have at least one tire that had a belt separating causing the vibration issue. They were loud also just not a tire for a full size SUV. The BFG Rugged Terrains look good and are surprisingly quiet and smooth for the trip home on the highway. I'm thinking I should have dumped the Geo's earlier.
im about to order 5 geolanders this size and a spare wheel so I can rotate all 5. I see that someone wants to cutout the well, have it welded shut and then mount a tire underneath. that's too much for me, could the sheetmetal just be hammered out? im fine with mounting the spare in stock location.
Hey Bradz check out the BFG Rugged Terrain's I can't recall what sizes the guys are finding that fit outside the stock range but I just dumped the tired and leaking Geo's off the truck for these and I'm impressed they also look mean. Good reviews for the most part.

I wonder if 245/65R17's would fit on the OB? They are very close in diameter and are maybe 3/4 inch wider? BFG makes a set of the Rugged Terrains in that size according to the chart
1 - 3 of 99 Posts
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