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Yokohama Geolander AT/S 225/65R17 on 2013 Outback

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When I bought my 2012 Outback 2.5i Premium I immediately swapped the stock tires for Yokohama Geolander AT/S in the stock 225/60R17 size. When I picked up my 2013 I was planning on getting the same Yokohama Geolanders again. Apparently the 225/60R17 is on international back order until next year! Discount Tire couldn't find them anywhere, so I called Yokohama direct and they said 42 week backorder.

My local Discount Tire had a set of 225/65R17 in stock, so I went for it. They fit fine, but they rubbed in one spot on the front Splash Guards. I removed them and trimmed a bit, and now no rubbing. I took it offroad and articulated all corners, and the front at full wheel lock, and no rubbing. Three guys at the tire shop sat in the cargo area with no rub in the rear.

Just drove 60mi at 65-75mph and averaged 29.5mi/gal. Everything looks good for now, I'll post an update after I get a few more miles on them.

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What about your spare? Did you buy 5 tires? If you had a flat, then the spare will not have the same circumference/diameter as the other 3 tires. This may wreck havoc on your traction control and stability control which monitor how fast your tire spins relative to the other tires. You change circumference, you change how fast a tire spins.

If the bigger size fits in the spare tire location, then i may go for this down the road. I always like increasing ground clearance in IFS/IRS vehicle via tire sizing. How much has it affected your speedo?
I have not purchased a 5th for spare yet, but yesterday I removed the OEM spare and took some measurements. It appears a full diameter donut will fit in place, allowing the stock storage compartments to remain. I also believe a full 225/65R17 if I remove the upper foam storage caddy. I have not decided which route Im going, but Im definitely going to replace the OEM spare with a proper diamater tire.

Re: Speedo - Surprisingly I found the 65-75mph range to be spot on using a GPS for comparison. Perhaps the factory config was at the outer limit, and the .9" increase in diameter corrected this?
When I said "I took it offroad and articulated all corners" this is what I meant (no rubbing):

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I have not purchased a 5th for spare yet, but yesterday I removed the OEM spare and took some measurements. It appears a full diameter donut will fit in place, allowing the stock storage compartments to remain.
Tried to fit a 225/65R17 into the spare location -- no dice. The stock spare is a smaller diameter than the stock tires (1.62 in smaller), so perhaps this wont matter for emergency situations? New Subarus come with 3yr roadside assistance, so I dont plan on moving the car if I get a flat on a highway. Still a bit concerned about getting a flat deep in the woods.

Maybe the spare area can be hammered out a bit and a full size tire / oem wheel could fit? Anyone have luck with this?

OEM Tire (225/60R17) Diameter: 27.62 in / 701.54 mm
Yokohama Geolander (225/65/R17) Diameter: 28.51 / 724.15 mm
OEM Spare (145/80R17) Diameter: 26.13 in / 663.70 mm

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Cresco, did the tires on your 2012 have enough miles on them that you didn't want to just move them over?
traded in the 2012 with 14k miles on the 225/60 yokohamas, the dealer wasnt responsive when i called about swapping, and i didnt really press him. i wanted a new set anyway.
I have Toyo Open Country ATs on 225/65r17 size. I really like the the feel of it as i spend more than half the time on gravel road. There is only one downside. I drove it down to Anchorage from Fairbanks and my mpg was 21.3mpg over the entire trip. I used to get 26.7mpg on my stock ContiPros on this trip. I have 3.6R. My speedometer reading is now spot on as one member mentioned here it used to be off by 2-3mph. Anyway thanks for cool pictures!
Ditto on the feel. I spend a lot of time offroad and on gravel roads in Colorado. Not quite half the time but enough to appreciate a strong sidewall and agressive tread pattern. Ive had my set of Yokos for about 500mi now and im averaging 27mpg city/highway w/ the new FB25 CVT.

I cant find the Toyo Open Country AT in 225/65/17 on, but the 225/65/17 Yokohama Geolander A/T-S weighs in at 31lbs, the 225/60/17 Geolander at 28lbs, and the stock ContiProContact at 24lbs.

The Yoko 225/65/17 is 30% heavier than the stock Conti, so I would imagine it would have a considerable impact on MPG. But so far ive seen maybe 1-2mpg on the FB25.
A Yoko Geolandar AT/S 225/70r16 (28.3" diameter) will fit in the spare tire well. But you need to deflate it and remove the styrofoam to stuff it in.
Hmm, thanks for the photo. Did you remove all the air? Have you tried to inflate it since installing it in that location? Is the bead staying seated?
What are the LONG-TERM feedback on the 225/65-R17s?
VERY happy with my set, 15k miles later. Lots of Colorado forest service roads, jeep roads, and snow. I believe this to be the best tire for the 2010+ Outback for anyone that leaves pavement.

Off-roading near Leadville Colorado a few weeks ago :

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